Keeping Score

You thought life was a river You'd just go with the flow But it's like an explosion Any moment can blow Waiting for that moment Hope it will never go Sadly you walk away Never thought life would be this way Just another loss Just another paid cost Hearts all over the place Where his … Continue reading Keeping Score



I'd follow you for a time Let me speak what's on my mind Hear me not, well that's fine Now free me from this line Wash me clean from your stain Babble to myself like I'm sane I'd hate to be that one that complains But I'll be just ok with this pain Stand awhile … Continue reading Albatross


Imagine all the things you said Would you take back all the time just to shred The words that made her leave your stead You made so many mistakes before But don't let that become what keeps you sore Pick up those broken wings and learn to soar If your eyes forget to wake If … Continue reading IFR