Take my hand and watch as we glide Roots planted deep but still we fly Cracked we are, that we don't try to hide Can this story end without a question why Dance upon a grave and put to rest All that's insecure, let that be death The end raining down upon us both But … Continue reading Rust


My Fear of Breath – Part 3

Breathe in the breeze and seize the reality Ask not what became of the past, it didn't last Surely you shouldn't dig around there Cover that hole and don't turn back to it Breathe in the reality of what could be Let go of what could have been Let go of what was back then … Continue reading My Fear of Breath – Part 3


Love me one moment Hate me the next She's a storm so own it She's a problem, complexed Rearrange the perspective Believe in the deceptive Shallow is the conjecture Rules meant for all except her Deny to be so indolent Still I remain relevant Dreams play out with me in scene Although I remain to … Continue reading Caprice