Damaged Petals

I hold you in my hand, damaged as you are I hold you to the sun And I see inside of you, truly you are a star Thinking of all that was done Seems easier now, seems love is gone too far But don't think to run Even on your best days You wear all … Continue reading Damaged Petals


What Am I

Days were darker Oh it seemed hard to see Nights seemed long Alone I would forever be Without it I am lost to knowing the way So lost I feel in disarray Days seem colder No one to keep me to the fire Nights are frozen I can't stay warm without your desire Without you … Continue reading What Am I


Blocks be damned We have to find a way Rocks are heavy Always lead the way Your smile lit up a room Your laugh would be consumed Watch us from above My friend, you are still loved Almost a year had passed Seemed I saw trouble but always hoped That you'd figure it out Spoke … Continue reading Castles