Scuttle the Ship

What's that in the distance? He quietly whispers to me Is that something you are in need of Nah, release that hold of dignity Waves crash the sides of this ship Water is raging on As he tries to pull me down My self respect he tries to drown Seems I've reached a point Where … Continue reading Scuttle the Ship


Dependable (More Than Those Words You Speak)

So many broken dreams So many broken hearts Life is really more than it seems Guess I'll go back to the start I hear what you speak I heard what you would say Don't think my heart is so meek Guess I'll just follow my way Back to the start Back to my heart I … Continue reading Dependable (More Than Those Words You Speak)


A line down the sand Careful thoughts where to stand It's become quite clear We live for this here We live for the fear Count the steps it all takes The glue can't hold what always breaks Your heart or mine? Won't choose mine, not this time Won't cross that line When it all comes … Continue reading Interpose


Drift quietly to the edge Looking below at all that was At all that will be Shuffling feet at this ledge Hesitate till decisions gone Can't debate the future Can't deny the past Won't keep singing the same song It's not the fall It's not what you should fear It's not if you fall It's … Continue reading Fall