Live It Like The Air You Breath

Take in the morning sun You've been through so much here But you are far from done my dear Live it a little longer I swear it only gets better Know that your heaven grows near Live it like the air you take in Live it like the last day Live it like the air … Continue reading Live It Like The Air You Breath



A line down the sand Careful thoughts where to stand It's become quite clear We live for this here We live for the fear Count the steps it all takes The glue can't hold what always breaks Your heart or mine? Won't choose mine, not this time Won't cross that line When it all comes … Continue reading Interpose


Drift quietly to the edge Looking below at all that was At all that will be Shuffling feet at this ledge Hesitate till decisions gone Can't debate the future Can't deny the past Won't keep singing the same song It's not the fall It's not what you should fear It's not if you fall It's … Continue reading Fall