On The Surface

On the surface it seems everything's contained In the eyes it looks like I'm brave Anger seems restrained and nothing I can't sustain On the surface it seems everything's the same That I'm not losing my mind, I'm sane Can carry a load never to complain But take my hand and learn one day That … Continue reading On The Surface


The Climb

It always looks like a long way to the top The climb definitely seems a hard one Halfway up, glancing down at a long drop You'll feel like you are done Keep going, don't you ever stop The peak is high and hiding the sun But in the end, you'll achieve greatness The climb is … Continue reading The Climb

The Knight

His stature is slumped, bent from the weight of burden Eyes lowered towards the ground and his next step forward His armor is dirty and dinged from wars he has waged in The glimmer from his iris dulled from all of his sin Sword and shield he carries, his horse is absent Died a long … Continue reading The Knight


Her thoughts seem insurmountable Damage her self-esteem, seeing future as redoubtable A formidable opponent, leaving you hurt with no worth Believe me baby I see it, just takes a lil work No sweat slipping down from her brow She seems to carry herself very well Look deeper in her eyes and then you will realize … Continue reading Adulation