Forever And Forever

Forever and forever, I'll be your king Forever and forever is where we will be With you on my side, my queen And me forever your king Forever, I promised you And forever is what I intend to do Forever, I swear it's true That where ever you go, I'll go too Forever, my loyalty … Continue reading Forever And Forever


God’s Eye

I watch it all pass me by Hope for a smile Watch it all for awhile Only if you saw me Only if you knew who I was Stand by me for a bit I know I saw it once I know that day I met God I saw it in your eye You and … Continue reading God’s Eye


Drift quietly to the edge Looking below at all that was At all that will be Shuffling feet at this ledge Hesitate till decisions gone Can't debate the future Can't deny the past Won't keep singing the same song It's not the fall It's not what you should fear It's not if you fall It's … Continue reading Fall


Laugh while we stand As the rain around us pours down Dry we are here Cackle of the fire the only sound Smile while we last For the past has passed us by The future is bright Lights up our life like the morning sky So much before has left us broke The morning is … Continue reading Awoke