Laugh while we stand As the rain around us pours down Dry we are here Cackle of the fire the only sound Smile while we last For the past has passed us by The future is bright Lights up our life like the morning sky So much before has left us broke The morning is … Continue reading Awoke


On My Hill (Be my)

Breathe onto me Your life so that I may rise again Feel me Even though I am not near my friend Be with me My shadow to always follow my lead Breathe in me My soul, I want you to be that seed Wrap me up Within your layers and protect me in shade Keep … Continue reading On My Hill (Be my)

Dear Self

Dear self, I am writing you some words of wisdom To give yourself some strength and patience Remember that happiness is your kingdom And your determination is what makes us Look upon yourself at your weakest And know that hell is now beneath us For above, the heavens they flourish Just let nothing go and … Continue reading Dear Self