Thrown (We Will Carry It)

Thrown for now Thrown somehow But we will carry it We will shoulder it Noticed from a mile away The pain Noticed because I have been The same Noticed but I always hoped You'd find a way I wish I could have said Something I wish I could have changed It all I wish you … Continue reading Thrown (We Will Carry It)


Half A Man

Ain't seen the sun in a few days Eyes crossed because of the strain Mind messed because I'm in daze Middle of the ocean, I'm a downed plane Write me something Write me anything Just let me know You are ok Just let me know Today Today Broken shell, been awhile since he fell Half … Continue reading Half A Man


Blocks be damned We have to find a way Rocks are heavy Always lead the way Your smile lit up a room Your laugh would be consumed Watch us from above My friend, you are still loved Almost a year had passed Seemed I saw trouble but always hoped That you'd figure it out Spoke … Continue reading Castles

The Climb

It always looks like a long way to the top The climb definitely seems a hard one Halfway up, glancing down at a long drop You'll feel like you are done Keep going, don't you ever stop The peak is high and hiding the sun But in the end, you'll achieve greatness The climb is … Continue reading The Climb